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Softball facemasks are needed because Facial, dental and head injuries are becoming more and more common in the game of fastpitch softball. This happens when you have a total of 0.7 seconds to react between the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand and the ball coming off the bat. That is not a whole lot of time to move your glove to protect your face. More and more injuries happen everyday from the ball coming too quickly off the bats. New bat technology has increased these risks by developing the hottest composite materials that cause the ball to fly off the bat. Medical expenses can get costly when it comes to facial reconstruction repairs. Why not protect yourself before any damage is done? Try one of our popular infielder’s mask today. A must have for new softball pitchers.

Wearing a face mask will also give your player more confidence in her game. It should have a positive effect on fielding by helping her keep her head down without fear of getting hit. Wearing a faceguard will help defend against careless fielding mistakes and protect against bad hops due to field conditions. With the cool colors and designs, she will not have any problem matching it to her uniforms or finding her favorite color! We have a variety of designs and brands to meet the need of every individual player. The face guards fit a variety of head sizes and shapes and are very comfortable!

Help your athlete boost her confidence and her skills buy purchasing a face guard. Read More about softball face mask safety in our Why Faceguard? article.

In any form of softball, any player on the field can wear a protective face mask or face guard. It must be in proper condition and not damaged, or altered. Softball face masks, and/or face guards are intended to prevent facial injuries.

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